graham patterson - visual artist  

Undercurrents - Audio / Visual performance. October 2016

'Meditations on the Sea' A live performance with musician and composer James Wyness. A sheet of polythene measuring 2.8 x2m was doubled over to completely obscure both artists; who along with their equipment were hidden from the audience. The imagery was back projected onto the semi-transparent polythene which held some of the light from the projector on its surface. The abstracted and fragmented imagery came in and out of focus - with the polythene gently undulating due to a combination of convection from the projector fan and the movement of the artists.


Visuals - Graham Patterson, ; overhead projector / slide projector /  film / ephemera / glass prisms.


Audio - James Wyness ; Live - Electroacoustic music /  Zither / Psaltery.

Shoreline debris / assemblage

Works that utilise the found object have a direct link to the landscape, the marks etched into its surface transcribe its journey over land and sea. The debris often occupies space in a suspended state; floating and rotating. Alluding to the constant movement of sky, sea and sand. Transparent debris is often projected through and onto.


The handling of the materials; joining, tying, suspending, is integral to my practise; in carrying out these activities associated with my forebearers; Iam retaining a link to my lineage.

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