terra  incognita / north-sea etch.  2013 -

graham patterson - visual artist  

sheets of clear acetate cable tied to the base of fishing boxes, tethered via lengths of cable on the Northumberland coastline, a site where  previous generations of my familly made their living as fishermen. As the tides rise and fall, rocks and shingle begin to etch into the surface of the acetate.


Days or weeks later the acetate is retrieved and taken to the studio and ingrained with intaglio ink, to make visuble the abrasions. The acetate comes from a commercial printer's and were previously used as a substrate for book layouts. The marks on them now form a different kind of text, an imprint of the intagible action of the wave and its interaction with the shore.


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Work from the 'Terra Incognita', project was selected by the North East Photography Network, for display at the Artist Book Fair at The Baltic in Gateshead. The photographs have been hand printed in the darkroom and are contained within two pamphlet stitcthed books. Both copies have a plastic front and back cover made from the fish boxes, used in the project. The acetate was used as a 'negative' and contact printed in the darkroom. Compositions were multiple exposed and solarised during development. Areas of the prints have been cut into circles; in reference to  the moon, which pulled the tides over the rocks, to create the abrasions...


Artists Book fair, Baltic. Dec 2014

Silver gelatin contact prints from North-Sea etched acetate 'negatives' 2014

detail taken from silver gelatin contact print, one month at sea. 150x100cm