This body of work utilises shoreline detritus in the form of a plastic ‘spiral guard’. The guard is placed in the photographic enlarger and exposed at random heights and angles to create an accumulation of marks. I began to print onto sheet film, which was initially used to create ‘negative’ prints. Interleaving the transparencies with tracing paper. The printed areas on the film cast shadows against the wall. The shadows disapppear and reappear as the clouds move accross the sun during the course of the day.


'Reverie' - Aug - Sept 2013.


1. 2. Plastic spiral guard section.

3. 4 . 5 . 6. 7. Shadows cast by transparencies onto tracing paper.

8. transparency reflected of ceiling.

graham patterson - visual artist  

jan14 040 IMG_0536 IMG_0965 home litho stencil triangular stencils reverie litho stencil1