During Sept 2013 - June 2014 I was selected by AA2A (artists access to art college programme) at Northumbria University, based in PSN (Paper studio Northumbria)  During my time there I worked with students in PSN and in the darkroom running camera-less printing workshops, exploring positive / negative space. I aso took part in the artists in conversation programme and gave a seminar to discuss my artistic practise alongside other AA2A participants.

A2A Scheme - Northumbria University

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Paper, Table, Wall & After

Gallery North - Jan 2015

The provisional, but vital, stages of making artworks; the fluid open-ended possibilities for their interpretation through display; the uncertain destinies that await all material artefacts, however precious - these often disconnected moments in the 'life story' of an art object are the topic of this exhibition at Gallery North. The exhibition explores not only how contemporary artists utilize the special properties of paper but also how the passage of paper-based artworks across studio, tables and gallery walls can lead to an unknown 'after',  a contingent world only tentatively related to the immediate concerns of viewing an exhibition.


Curators - Chris Dorsett & Sian Bowen.

paper, table, wall & after

graham patterson - visual artist  

TI 7 dsc_0195xs

Pebble wrapped in A3 cartridge paper, struck with graphite stick x50 sheets. unwrapped. 'Paper, Table, Wall & After. Gallery North.

Acetate section, etched by North-Sea, suspended in window space, at Paper Studio Northumbria, 2014.

Group exhibition curated by Paper Studio Northumbria. All works fold out to O/S Map dimensions.


Dissapating waves - 35mm Fibre based prints, concertina booklet, sea-plastic cover 56cm 14cm

Taiwan University of the Arts. Photographs: Jo Hutton

Paper, Table, Wall & After - Taiwan University for the Arts. - Nov / Dec 2015