materiality - holy island 23 Sep - 1 Oct

graham patterson - visual artist  

graham patterson - visual artist  

The works in Materiality reflect the artists’ embodied response to this remote island off the north east coast of Northumberland. They have worked with materials and processes that interact and engage with both the physical outdoor environment and the history and physical structures of the island.


To explore each piece, you have to walk the island; to experience its wildness; its mudflats and sand dunes; its tidal estuaries and rocky shores and its track-ways, lined with hawthorn hedges – evidence, too, of the island’s rich artistic, religious and industrial history. There is something about Holy Island – its wide-open spaces, weather, and light - that draws you in … and all the artists in Materiality have been drawn into, and engaged with, the life of the island in some way.

Reverie - Graham Patterson’s kinetic assemblages, use driftwood combined with reflective mirror film, which is pulled tight via doubled over monofilament, attached to riveted D-rings at either end. The elements rotate the film so that it's in constant flux, reflections are cast onto the shoreline and rocks; visible from atop the dunes when approaching Coves Haven and Sandham Bay.


This group exhibition has been curated by Graham Patterson. It is significant, I think, that Graham was born and raised in Berwick – just a stone’s throw from the island. This was Graham’s ‘playground’ as a child – something that is reflected not just in his own playful work, but in the open-ended experimentation of the artworks in this exhibition. Graham is no incomer … he cares deeply about Lindisfarne, and he has brought together a group of artists who have responded to the materiality of the landscape and its sense of history and isolation in such a diverse and exciting way.


Dr Mike Collier (Professor of Visual Art, University of Sunderland) September 2017


To view images and a documentary film which includes interviews with all 6 artists visit - IMG-20170924-WA0049 home