materiality group exhibition

berwick gymnasium gallery - march 2017

Featuring works by Alexandra Hughes / Chun-Chao Chiu / Graham Patterson and Helen Pailing. The exhibition raised questions on the value of processes in our digital age; looking at relationships between technology and the handmade; whilst examining future use of materials by visual artists. The ‘tactile’ / ‘physical’ processes employed by the artists, alongside the performative aspect of working with material; draws analogies with the buildings previous use as a military training facility.


Curated by Graham Patterson. With thanks to Berwick Visual Arts.

graham patterson - visual artist  

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'Meditations on the Sea' / 'North Sea Abrasions' - Graham Patterson. Video clips + still images of works.  


Hypnotic meditations on the coastal space, fleeting moments - lost in reverie... Kinetic, rotating projections. Positive and negative transprency film - glass prisms. Interspersed with North Sea debris, suspended in gallery space. Polythene / rope / wire / perspex / plastic container - 5l north sea.

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