The edge of Meeting

Solo exhibition - October 2009 which took place in a former slaughterhouse, close to the North-Northumberland coastline. The exhibition consisted of  black and white prints made from my 35mm film archive. Negatives and positives, collaged together with illustrations and transparent ephemera; projected in the the attic space of the building. The photographs were taken in coastal spaces where I spent my formative years.

graham patterson - visual artist  


Ascending - laser copy / solvent transfer on board, with shoreline debris. 100x80cm

Much of Graham Patterson's work refers us to the coastline which has helped make him. A horizon line moves across the field of vision; it is the horizontal axis against which he stands. A clear delineation of space, in terms of horizontal and vertical will draw attention to the apparent weightlessness of what may occur within it. In an age of casual 'deconstruction', it is perhaps worth emphasising that the work of one so intensely and lovingly concerened with meaning and specificity of place is essentially constructive.


Extract from 'The Edge of Meeting'. Copyright the estate of Michael Thorp