behind the face of a rock throwing stones

'Behind the face of a rock throwing stones', is a multi-disciplinary project conceived by choreographer Nicole Vivien Watson of Surface Area Dance Theatre. Arts council funding enabled an exploratory research week to take place in Leeds during December 2018. The group includes Nicole, dance artists Alex Rowland, Charlie Dearnley, Chris Fonseca and sound artist Tom White. My role as visual artist includes developing projection processes that illuminates the walls, floor, substrates and the performers themselves.


The Japanese concept of 'Ma' with its notions of positive and negative space, informed the research week, alongside rituals that attend Japanese 'Butoh' theatre and Renaissance court dance. I'm very excited to be part of this project and look forward to contributing towards it's continued development up to the performative stage - scheduled June 2020, Dance City Newcastle.

graham patterson - visual artist  


Tom meshed together earlier field recordings with audio recorded during rehearsals (click slideshow for audio). The imagery combines film scans of photographs taken in the studio, along with scanned negative and positive film projected during rehearsals.

Photographs 1-7 (copyright Paul Miller Photography) documents myself setting up equipment prior to performers rehearsing. Photographs 9-12 Self-made concertina booklet containing contact strip film exposures that chronologically documents the research week.