aug - nov 2018

Associate artist commission with North East Photography Network (NEPN). 'Accumulation'. Two participatory workshops took place which combined photograms made in the darkroom with digital enlargements printed onto paper for making zines and film for installing back into the coastal landscape.


Together with artist Jo Howell, we identified a tidal inlet at the mouth of the River Wear that accumulates an array of plastic pollution and 'ghost gear' (fishing equipment) wedged into sea defence boulders. The group collected an alarming amount of debris within 20mins covering 100m of coastline. The material was taken back to Jo's studio, laid out on the floor for participants to select objects to work with. The 2nd workshop took place a month later - positive and negative inkjet prints were cut up / collaged and pasted into a variety of booklet formats including pamphlet staples and concertina fold-outs

graham patterson - visual artist  


Digital inkjet film enlargements printed at Sunderland University, with the help of tecnician Michael Daglish. I selected 5 images printing both positive and negative, to multi-layer film to emphasise the ever increasing amount of plastic pollution.


Eyelets riveted to corners to feed fishing line through were added for the purposes of installing film at the coastal site in Roker where the plastic material was found. I'm interested in photographing the coastal landscape through the film as well as a photographer documenting myself in the act of installing the works.

Site where material was collected / Drying prints / Inkjet enlargements + zines at Mackies Corner (WearExperimenting base) / A5-16 panel folded booklet.

Culmination - During workshop 1 participants collected debris from a tidal inlet at the Port of Sunderland. I installed enlarged digital copy film at the site where the material was found, exploring methods of presentation, utilising tent-poles, monofilament, perspex and cable ties. Intuitive acts of tying, binding and using materials that present themselves - attuned to lineage.


Photographs - Leah Millar (above) Plamena Geneva (below) Audio - James Wyness - Stirring Space with a Timestick.